Here Is Your Freedom

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here is your freedom

My Lord and MASTER SATAN, I renew NOW my commitment to you- my promise to serve YOU and to worship YOUR SATANIC majesty for all eternity I renew my rejection of the good, father of jesus christi renew my expulsion of christ from my life. I renew my contempt for the holy spirit. I renew my unholy oath to YOU LORD SATAN, to despise and hate the christ church and to glorify and promote all that is evil and perverted. I ask that YOU give me opportunities, O Father of Darkness, to sin, to serve YOU well by performing works of evil- acts of darkness to the corruption of others, for YOUR greater glory. Grant me inhuman lust and exceptional function of your manifestation in man's flesh, my god -cock Grant me the privilege of knowing other warriors for SATAN- my brothers so that we can spread the kingdom of Darkness and destroy the christ kingdom of light. Finally humbly ask for YOUR SATANIC protection against all bodily harm and against those who would rejoice in destroying me for the evil I do in your name. I thank YOU for YOUR infernal protection, YOUR UNHOLY GUIDANCE AND FOR ALL your hellish blessings. GLORY AND PRAISE TO YOU, LORD SATAN! My LIBERATOR, MY GOD! ALL POWER IS YOURS FOREVER! HAIL SATAN! HAIL SATAN! HAIL SATAN!

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